This Breastfeeding Mom Charted Her Feedings and It's AMAZING

This brilliant mother kept an INSANELY impressive record of her child's feedings. Prepare to be amazed...

Want to get a better idea of how much milk a breastfeeding mom actually produces? Lucky for you, this total rock star of a mom shared detailed (like, really detailed) charts of her milk production, and they're pretty much blowing the Internet's mind.

As if juggling the daily responsibilities of motherhood wasn't enough, this self-proclaimed "nerd" somehow found the time and energy to meticulously chart her nursings, pumpings, the amount of milk she produced each time, diaper changes and the number of calories this milk amounted to—it gives a whole new meaning to the word "organized." Oh, and she compared the calories in her breast milk to those in a Big Mac, so all the extra points for that.

When a nerd breast feeds... [OC] from dataisbeautiful

Commenters on this post, which was shared on Reddit, are just as amazed as we are. "I don't understand how new parents do this," one commenter wrote. "All I managed to keep track of with a newborn was 'Is he still alive? Am I still alive? Good.'" 

Another poster added: "My ex and I lasted all of a week with an iPad app for my son - when you're not sleeping you have very little time to record these things - maybe with some sort of Alexa / Echo / Siri integration it could be easier: 'Alexa tell DiaperTracker app I just changed a wet and poo diaper' 'Hey Siri tell TittyBaby app I just pumped 34.2 gallons and had 0.4 hours of sleep last night.'"

While there are apps out there that can make tracking your milk production easier, the reality is that for most moms, the chaos of motherhood doesn't even leave much time for that. Kudos to this mom for her incredible efforts. Commenters are urging her to share this data with researchers, who may be able to learn a thing or two from these records—and we bet other mamas will love the chance to get a better idea of how much nutrition they're producing.