This Breastfeeding Parody Will Speak to Your Soul

Prepare to have this stuck in your head for days.

Breastfeeding isn't just amazingly beneficial for your baby, it also bonds a mother and her child in the most beautiful way. But make no mistake: Breastfeeding is hard work.

The women behind comedy group Mother You'd Like To Friend (MYLF) understand this all too well. The funny ladies released a video parody that all breastfeeding moms will relate to: They performed a song to the familiar tune of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long," but the lyrics are all new. They include lines like: "Eating more than her share, she was pulling my hair, she told me 'let down!' but I was already there."

When the women behind the video reach the song's chorus, they turn the raunchy lyrics into lines about the realities of nighttime nursing. "'Cause the milk starts makin', baby starts wakin', my nipples start achin' and you start takin' it. And you, nursed me all night long. Yeah, you, nursed me all night long," the moms sing. 

Masha Sapron, a mother of three, started MYLF to show new moms they're not alone. The group's videos take situations new mothers can relate to and infuse them with a comedic twist. Because every new parent could use a good laugh, right?

The group includes Cat Deakins, Maggie Grove, Larissa Hahn, and Kelly Pendygraft. This is their first video parody and they enlisted help from singers, editors, choreographers and moms who were unafraid to nurse on camera to produce it.

The video comes at an appropriate time—last week was World Breastfeeding Week and the ladies purposely let the video out into the world to coincide with this.

Sapron spoke to Today Parents about the challenges breastfeeding moms face and why they need to be addressed. "Latch problems, milk supply problems—it's actually not that easy for many new moms when they first bring their babies home," she said. "There are so many mysteries surrounding breastfeeding and it can be so hard, for the first few weeks at least, for new moms. It's invaluable to have women openly talking about it and supporting each other through that."

Breastfeeding isn't a sexual thing and it shouldn't be treated as such. Still, Sapron and the other moms behind MYLF knew exactly what they were doing when they chose to set this parody to such a sexy song. "Our video takes the purity of breastfeeding and juxtaposes it with an '80s song about sex and references other '80s videos that objectified women," Sapron said. "Guess what, guys? Those hot women you want to get with so badly? Once you do, sex leads to babies and babies lead to boobs—breastfeeding boobs."

Ultimately, making other moms laugh through the struggles of new motherhood is the group's goal. "MYLF's goal has always been to make moms laugh at the hard stuff. Women can be funny and sexy and be themselves—even while they are lactating. We have many, many sides, and one of them is being a mommy," Sapron said. "The fact is, even if you feel like a cow all the time and even if you are exhausted from lack of sleep or are having troubles with latch or milk supply, you aren't alone. We hope other moms will watch this and laugh, knowing we get it."