This Mom Was Shamed for Breastfeeding by OTHER MOMS

A mama posted a photo of herself breastfeeding alone in her car. Why? Because other moms complained when she nursed without a cover.

Another day, another story of a woman shamed for breastfeeding her baby. Only this time, the mother in question wasn't chased out by a male employee or an official who was unaware of the laws that protect nursing moms. This time, the mother was shamed and made to leave a public place thanks to complaints from...other moms. 

The mom shared her story, and it appears on Breastfeeding Mama Talk, which is an online community in support of breastfeeding moms. According to the post, the mother was at a dance recital when she needed to feed her three-month-old baby...but other moms weren't on board with her actions. Yeah, we don't understand how this could happen, either.

"Why am I in my truck instead of in an air-conditioned building watching my friends children dance? It's because I had the gall to feed my baby without a cover," the mother wrote. "Mothers complained to the dance studio and in turn the dance studio didn't go to me, no they went to my friend. She had to come tell me that I was no longer welcome in the dance studio unless I covered while feeding because it was inappropriate for the children to see. They were asking questions. I'm very discreet when I feed. If you see anything you are looking too close."

Sigh. When will people realize that a mother feeding her baby is the most natural thing in the world? There is nothing sexual about it, and to make a mom completely reconfigure her plans when she needs to feed her baby is so unfair—it's essentially forcing a mom to become a spectator in her own life. It's especially crazy that fellow moms came after this woman—how could they not understand that when your baby wants food, your only option is to feed her without giving it a second thought?

The mama may have heeded the request to leave, but that doesn't mean she was willing to accept the situation: According to the post, she plans to take legal action—and she may be well within her rights to do so, as Louisiana laws protect mothers by legally allowing them to breastfeed in places of public accommodation, resort or amusement. 

"What kind of example are we setting for the future moms of tomorrow?" the mother wrote ."I'm just more upset that it's a place that claims to empower young girls when they take the one thing that should empower all women and twist it into something considered shameful enough that it has to be covered. I'm feeding my baby. That's something amazing that all women should be proud of!"