Undercover Video Proves Breastfeeding Bias

YouTube star Joey Salads filmed an undercover public breastfeeding 'social experiment' and the reactions of some people to breastfeeding in public make you angry.

Undercover Video Proves Breastfeeding Bias Joey Salads/Facebook

Raise your hand if you've been on the receiving end of negative comments while breastfeeding in public. It happens—and quite often—but with the recent #normalizebreastfeeding movement it seemed like maybe, just maybe, the tide was turning.

Not so, at least according to a shocking new video that exposes people's true view of breastfeeding when they don't know they're being watched.

In the video, YouTube star Joey Salads enlisted the help of Emily, a "new mom" who opts to breastfeed in public places—stores, the bus stop, on a public bench—while others are nearby. In reality, Emily's baby is just a doll, but many of the people didn't look close enough to see that. Instead, they only noticed her slightly-exposed breast before expressing their disdain for her decision to feed her child, sometimes very loudly.

And the most shocking thing? Many of the dissenters are women, including one admitted-mother who says Emily shouldn't be feeding out in the open.

"You know, there are private places where you can actually do this," the woman comments. "You don't need to be doing that in public places... It's kind of, offensive."

Really? Really?

Another woman at a bus stop becomes visibly agitated when Emily starts breastfeeding, though she refuses to look directly at her. "You disgust me," she says.

"Breastfeeding is natural," Emily counters. "Well, so is marijuana," says the woman. The men shown aren't quite as vocal, except one who feels the need to give his commentary on the subject while talking on his phone.

But, all is not lost. A couple of women shown aren't bothered at all by the breastfeeding. "I mean, he's gotta eat, right?" one woman says.

As a whole, though, this video shows that we still have a long way to go before breastfeeding in public is actually the norm. Salads promises a follow-up video soon. Could the vitriol actually get worse in part two? Let's hope not.