12 Genuinely Fun Baby Shower Games


Baby's First Portrait

Baby's First Portrait Baby Shower Game Fun, Cheap or Free

How to play: Give all party guests an index card and a washable marker (just in case they hit skin), and have them put a card on their forehead. Set a timer for 60 seconds and get them to draw what they think your baby will look like. The mom-to-be selects the scribble, um portrait, she likes best.

Why they'll play it: It legit takes no effort, and it's fun to watch everyone around you struggle to make a doodle without looking.

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Play-Doh Babies

Play-Doh Babies Baby Shower Game Every Pot and Pan

How to play: In small cups (think: Dixie from the old days), give everyone a few different colored blobs of Play Doh. They then have 15 minutes to create the cutest baby they can. For more fun, lay out some pencils, plastic knives and toys that'll help them get creative. Mama selects the winner!

Why they'll play it: Who doesn't have some sort of memory about Play-Doh? Regardless if you grew up with store-bought or homemade, there's something nostalgic about this old favorite that'll make even the cynics smile.

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Baby in an Ice Cube

Baby in an Ice Cube Baby Shower Game Every Pot and Pan

How to play: The night before the shower, freeze small plastic babies (you can find them at any party story). When guests arrive, everyone gets one frozen ice cube baby in their drink. When the ice cube has completely melted, have guests yell "My water broke!" The first to follow-through and call it, wins!

Why they'll play it: We bet not everyone will take the time to watch to see when their baby's free (especially if there's vodka in them glasses), but that's okay. The beauty of this game is that it's ridiculously easy for you, and well, a little funny—especially if you're having a co-ed shower!

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Feed the Daddy

Feed the Daddy Baby Shower Game A Simple Mama

How to play: If you're having a mixed shower, blindfold the ladies and have them feed their partners baby food. Seems simple enough? Think again—when there's music, laughing and you can't exactly get your aim right, we bet hubs is going to end up with mushy peas on his nose.

Why they'll play it: It's interactive and fun—plus, it makes the men part of the fun, too!

(via asimplemama.com)

Late-Night Diaper Notes

Late-Night Diaper Notes Baby Shower Game Driven by Decor

How to play: Buy a mega box of diapers. Have guests write funny quotes, words of encouragement, inside jokes—anything!—on the back of the diapers. (Permanent marker is just fine and won't bleed through to Baby's tushy, don't worry!)

Why they'll play it: When mom and dad are up at all hours of the night once their newborn arrives, it'll make their 3 a.m. call a little more bearable when they see a note from a friend or family member. Plus, how hard is it to write on a nappy?

(via drivenbydecor.com)

Don't Say Baby!

Don't Say Baby! Baby Shower Game The D Spot

How to play: When guests arrive, stick 5 clothespins to them with one important instruction: don't say "baby!" If they hear other guests say the word, they get to take one of their clothespins. The person with the most stuck to them by the end of the shower, wins!

Why they'll play it: This game is easy to incorporate because it flows throughout the shower with little effort.

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Onesie Decoration Station

Onesie Decoration Station Baby Shower Game My Healthy Happy Home

How to play: Buy a big pack of white onesies (they'll sure need them!) and some fabric paint or markers and have guests go at it. For some extra inspiration, provide stencils and details about the nursery so guests can match the theme.

Why they'll love it: The only thing better than celebrating someone you love is thinking about that adorable baby that'll be rockin' a onesie you made for him!

(via myhealthyhappyhome.com)

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo Play Party Pin

How to play: A few weeks before the shower, ask the mom-to-be all sorts of questions: her due date, what she's craving, if she's wishing for a boy or a girl, etc. Then, turn her answers into a bingo card. At the shower, whoever forms a line of right answers, wins baby bingo!

Why they'll love it: Instead of making it information about pregnancy in general, the touch of personal will make guests more likely be invested in winning a round.

(via playpartypin.com)

Baby Shower Price is Right

Baby Shower Price is Right Flickr/Jess Angave

How to play: Lay out some of the gifts off of her registry and some common everyday baby items, like diapers, cream, etc. Have guest come up and try to guess the price. The person who gets the closest—without going over!—wins!

Why they'll play it: Bob Barker fan or not, a little challenge is enough to get anyone to compete!

Wishes for Baby

Wishes for Baby shower game Lauren Makes

How to play: Use this free printable and make a copy for every guest to fill out. They can do it at anytime during the shower, making it an ongoing, easy game that is a little more intimate.

Why they'll play it: The keepsake itself is such a nice thought, it'd be tough for guests to resist. But for a shyer crowd or a mom-to-be who doesn't like a fuss, these cards say a lot without making anyone tie a string around her belly.

ABC Blocks

ABC Blocks Baby Shower Game We Heart Parties

How to play: Buy a pack of blank blocks from your local craft store and encourage guests to decorate one (or three) with different letters of the alphabet. Sharpies will do just fine, and best of all, when baby is old enough, he'll get to play with his own homemade set from his aunties and uncles.

Why they'll play it: You might not have been able to draw on your own blocks as a kid, so let your inner child come out when making this sweet keepsake.

(via weheartparties.com)

Alphabet Baby Book

ABC Baby Book Shower Game Life is Butterful

How to play it: Print out ABC coloring sheets and set out crayons or markers. During the shower, ask everyone to grab one or two letters, color in the picture and scribble a sweet note. Once everyone is finished, you can have the book laminated and bound and it'll be baby's first book!

Why they'll play it: How often do you get to color as an adult? Pro tip: Make a mad-dash for your first or last initial!

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