Amazing Video Shows Newborn Baby WALKING

Talk about an early learner! This new video gives us a glimpse at a newborn baby walking just minutes after her birth! Unbelievable, right? Well...not quite.

A video featuring a Brazilian baby is going viral—and when you see it, you'll understand why. The video stars a baby who is literally just a few minutes old...and let's just say she has attitude to spare. Doctors attempted to bathe the newborn, but she had other ideas: Viewers can clearly see the newborn move her legs to walk away from the scene. And while she's being held upright under her arms by a medical professional, it is a truly unbelievable sight.

According to Daily Mail, people are mesmerized by this video, and they're comparing the baby in it to fictional highly skilled babies like Stewie from Family Guy and the titular character in Boss Baby.

But as amazing as it all seems, the truth is, this baby's ability to take those steps isn't exactly unheard of. Walking is one of those things we learn how to do naturally, and according to our sister site, Parents, even newborns have that innate reflex required to make this sort of movement happen: When a newborn is held upright with his or her feet on a flat surface, the baby manages to take a few "steps." Interestingly enough, this reflex only seems to stick around for the first few months.

So while this particular video is pretty amazing, the little one in it is probably not doing something that far out of the ordinary—she's actually just exercising (no pun intended!) a natural skill. So that explains it! 

Normal or not, it's pretty awesome that we get a chance to see this reflex at work thanks to this video.