Bey Bey Baby: The Superstar's Songs Are Being Made Baby-Friendly

Your baby might be rocking out to "Crazy in Love" sooner than you think! Here's how Beyoncé's songs will get the child-friendly treatment...just in time for her twins to arrive.

Beyonce lullabies Larry Busacca/Getty Images
"Run the World (Girls)" quickly became a feminist anthem of sorts—but now, the song might become just as popular with a slightly younger demographic. Rockabye Baby, a music label focused on releasing baby-friendly versions of rock songs, has announced the upcoming release of a full Beyoncé album. 

First of all, the timing couldn't be better on this: Beyoncé all but broke the Internet when she announced she's pregnant with twins. We imagine her little ones will fall asleep to live renditions of some of Bey's greatest hits, but since most of us don't exactly have access to that perk, we'll have to pop in this album. It'll feature lullaby versions of Beyoncé's greatest hits—think "Crazy in Love", "Hold Up," "Single Ladies," and more. 

The album will release on February 24, and if you're on the fence about investing in it, you can always preview the tracks on Rockabye's web site. Rockabye has famously tackled countless popular songs in the past, but we're pretty excited about the prospect of a Beyoncé-only album. (After all, you're never too young to join the Beyhive!)

"We started as a rock series initially. Alternative rock, heavy metal, classic rock … all different rock genres, but we all believe that every genre has its rock stars. And I wanted very much to branch out and include some of my favorites along with everyone else’s, and we started doing that a bit ago. But I would say that Beyoncé is about the most relevant rock star there is right now, so she was a no-brainer," the Beyoncé album's producer, Lisa Roth, told the LA Times of Rockabye's decision to cover the singer's work. 

Will you be introducing your littles one to the musical stylings of Queen Bey straight out of the womb? Tell us!