Can Babies Actually Stand at Just 4 Months Old?

Babies are actually capable of standing up before they hit four months old, according to new research. But it doesn't happen out of nowhere.

Most moms are incredibly excited to witness the major milestones in their babies' lives. But if you could speed one of those major milestones up so that it happens much earlier than expected, would you do it?

If so, you'll want to read this: New research published in Frontiers in Psychology indicates that babies can stand up before they hit the four-month mark. This is crazy, right? Normally babies aren't capable of standing until they're around nine months old—so if this ability actually sets in earlier, why don't they display it?

Well, it's complicated. Getting a baby to stand this early requires training. Professor Hermundur Sigmundsson teaches a baby swimming class in Iceland and observes this firsthand—children enrolled in Profesor Sigmundsson's 12-week course are given the opportunity to stand, and he observes their abilities (the babies are also instructed on how to perform somersaults on mattresses in the water and grasp for nearby objects). The results have been startling: Of the 12 babies enrolled in the class, 11 were able to stand independently for about 15 seconds. 

"The results are sensational compared to what we normally expect of children at this age," Sigmundsson said, according to a release for the news. "On average, the children were 4.3 months old when they learned to stand without support. The youngest was only 3.6 months old. Children can do more than we think."

It's crazy to think babies may be able to stand up so early in life (then again, it's also amazing that they can sort of walk right out of the womb!) Granted, it probably requires professional supervision in order for this to happen, so it may not be something you can arrange within your own home. Would you be interested in seeing your little one stand up this early in life?