Dr Jennifer Arnold on Cord Blood Registry

Dr. Jennifer Arnold explains what the Cord Blood Registry is.


And newborns acts and sounds that I really involves. At collection mid eighties black from the umbilical cord and from the percent that I have to delivery usually I would in the first ten minutes after delivery. And then it was ad that went sample is actually collected and sent to a lab. Well it's frozen in saint. And so that the stem cells from their species can be eased if needed later on fire and and and aids yet Childs an adult like that feeling again. Haven't seen intelligence at a at Texas Children's Hospital where you know like just in the country me. Karen in most critically ill be so a lot of our patients accept or from any different medical and surgical complications eat dinner at the time of bank or after. Barrett and Kay young talented and when he valueless eighteen seats lands he's adequate life is at her stand sounds are what we college is your pre potent south Aiken and I'll kinda different cells within the human body and we carry your next themselves had been used successfully teaching. For children Nantucket cancers. Ecological problems immune problems on and now there's a bunch of research going on as well and looking. Stem cell's ability to help ameliorate problems that he could blindly at our center friendly and life the life things like Hopkins and cerebral palsy and so I'll have errors I trials at a currently going on which could shell house and sounds can help ameliorate some of those problems I'm very exciting without actually looking at one speed he scored when we keep thinking back of recent. Often times when you're going to reproductive acts with the technology. You mean not completely at genetic actually your newborn needs and for Charlotte option and so here situations. And you boarding act. Craig black is nearly as important as it's just an app like Cheney and hats and tonight. We asked let. Action and I towns. I'm told there. Yeah there are costs when you pride at the ads and can't quite black boy your own feelings about it on reserve for years I year. Lawyer in me and I average out at 90000 dollars for the initial sample to be collecting at present. Have to package usually at a 125. Gallon annual. At Ford seeking and storing that at quite bland. Our programs however invalid and you learn from night. And I cried when thinking for free repeatedly that I'll find snow you actually have a inning and and Karen had and assorted can be treated I act stem cells from cord blood. You actually qualify for having that crowd blank and see as for use at my feeling them for free. Additionally is actually new president that the enemies here. Maybe had a complication around and the delivery sentenced after a toxic ischemic encephalopathy which means it's a brain injury in the bank. Or her aunt Kathy and keeps me cattle at high schoolers suggest me. At tech into an insult and delivering those feelings and another act. You know feelings lexicon like a price at three adequate language I think it's exciting. Additionally. Most importantly you know you know if you're concerned about the expense I think it's always say. Good I need to consider Philly you mean he's Aqua I'm glad he went public registry which is pretty. On that allows that I'd let it accessible far and at precinct you meet its. I don't yeah. Nice yeah I mean I. Fred you are isn't expected in Queens. To you learn as much as they can get any lease prices on their online resource and aching go to Debbie Debbie Debbie went blank that content. House call 88 quite black. Islanders' lease sources aren't really important for theme east sent. To understand and to be able to meet an educated decision that's right connect yeah me before I think it.

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