Gifts for New Moms

Not all moms-to-be are half of a "traditional" couple.


If you’re one of them, here are some baby gift ideas to share with family and friends:

Adoptive Moms

About half of babies adopted from foreign countries are older than 1, so opt for age-appropriate books, games and toys. If it’s an international adoption, consider books that celebrate the baby’s birthplace, such as 2000’s Russian Folk Tales, by James Riordan, or 2002’s Animals in the Stars: Chinese Astrology for Children, by Gregory Crawford.

Single Moms

Request practical presents like gift cards or coupons for babysitting, preparing meals or running errands. Tessera Publishing has a baby book specifically for single mothers, so there are no blank spaces where dad’s info usually goes; order at

Two Moms

Consider bodysuits with sayings like “Got moms?” (order at 877-300-8846). You can also request books that celebrate tolerance and love, such as What Are Parents? by Kyme Fox-Lee and Susan Fox-Lee, or The Different Dragon, by Jennifer Bryan.