Love Your Baby Doc

5 secrets to finding an A+ pediatrician.

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1. Quiz your OB-GYN. Consider your obstetrician an inside source, says pediatrician Charlotte Cowan, M.D., a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School in Boston. "Obstetricians get feedback from new mothers, and they also watch how babies are cared for by pediatricians in the hospital nursery."

2. Ask about affiliations. If possible, choose a pediatrician who can see your baby where you plan to deliver. Meanwhile, association with a major medical center can ease your stress should emergencies or the need for specialized care arise.

3. Gauge the vibe. Consider the doctor's bedside manner and interest in issues that are important to you, such as trying natural remedies.

4. Check credentials. Search at to ensure that a pediatrician is board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. According to a study published last year in Pediatrics, up to 17 percent of physicians claiming to be certified in pediatrics are not.

5. Don't forget logistics. Whether your health insurance is accepted, if office hours and after-hour policies meet your needs, or whether there are separate waiting areas for sick and well children are all practical concerns to investigate.