New Device Dispenses Medications Through Breast Milk

If you've ever struggled to give your baby medicine, you'll probably wish you could get your hands on this device.

Babies can be notoriously difficult about taking medicine. But for parents in parts of the world where medical care—including safe and clean methods of delivering medications—can be hard to come by, providing essential meds and nutrition can be a matter of life or death. That's why JustMilk has invented a device that simplifies the delivery by allowing parents to feed medicine through breast milk. 

The device is an ultra-thin piece of silicone that fits right over a woman's breast. It acts as a shield and contains a bit of medicine at its tip—so when a baby latches, the medicine flows with the breast milk. Pretty genius, right?

"The JustMilk device is a thin, disposable silicone device, modified to hold a dispersible therapeutic tablet, which delivers the medication directly to the infant via the flow of breast milk," JustMilk's web site reads. "This safe and effective product will make administering medicine or nutrients to breastfeeding infants safer, simpler, and more convenient. It is our hope that it will soon be a major tool in the global fight against malnutrition, infectious diseases, and other health crises."

The JustMilk device is still in the initial testing phases, but there are hopes it could soon be helping to ensure healthier babies worldwide. And though we're not exactly the company's initial focus, we're definitely hoping they'll sell a few here, too, to help make it much easier to give our little ones supplements or other essential medications. In the meantime, if you're battling with your baby over iron drops or antibiotics, try these handy tips to make the process more doable.