The Cutest Smash Cake Ideas

It's your baby's first birthday! Let him dig into his first birthday cake toddler-style with an adorable smash cake that's almost too cute to eat. Almost.

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While your baby will be thrilled to get her hands on any cake for her first birthday, we can't resist a smash cake, a small first birthday cake that's just for your baby. Here are 14 crazy-cute options that are almost too cute to smash.

This matching cake for guests and smash cake for Baby from Kristine's Kitchen Blog. The larger, 8-inch cake was frosted with white icing, and covered with sprinkles, using a No. 1 stencil to leave the number space white. The smash cake is the reverse, with sprinkles just covering the numeral.

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Baby Bunting

The simple iced first birthday cake from The Girl on the Go (that works as a smash cake or a regular cake) is topped with two wooden skewers that hold a sweet DIY paper bunting. The number one is cut out of sticky felt and pressed onto a toothpick.

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You're No. 1!

All you'll need for this simple smash cake from Betty Crocker is a cake baked in a loaf pan and then trimmed and cut in half. Spread on frosting and make a No. 1 template using waxed paper or parchment paper and lay it on top of the cake. Cover it in sprinkles and gently remove your template for a cake that looks like it took way more work than it did.

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Sprinkle, Sprinkle

To make this 6-inch smash cake by Ashlee Marie, cover a white round cake with sprinkles, leaving the top plain. Use a number one-shaped cookie cutter on fondant, paint with clear vanilla, cover with sprinkles and let it dry overnight.

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Little Boy Blue

This blue buttercream cake from Carisa's Cakes features tear drop buttercream and a silver fondant No. 1, covered in white polka dots.

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A Smash Hit

Lovin' from the Oven whipped up this super fun smash cake that resembles a lollipop. She used a box cake mix, cutting out small circles for the layers and frosted it with white icing. Pink sprinkles and nonpareils pretty things up even more. You can use a single candle to top it off, but we love the pink-and-white striped straw.

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Easy Peasy

This clever cake from Betty Crocker includes mashed bananas in the batter, strained baby food carrots in the frosting and peas as a colorful decoration spelling out the number one.

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Star of the Show

To make this mini stacked yellow cake from A Duck's Oven, just whip up the batter (adding sprinkles, of course!), cut out circles using a drinking glass rimmed with cooking spray, frost and add sprinkles. Sweet!

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Good Times

To make this festive mini smash cake from Betty Crocker, bake your cake, then use a biscuit cutter to cut small rounds. Frost and add candy sprinkles and a candle.

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Go Bananas

Health-conscious moms should take note of this lovely, simple smash cake from Hello Bee made with whole spelt flour, cocoa powder, bananas and maple syrup. It's frosted with a mix of creamy peanut butter, cream cheese and honey and topped with sliced fruit and a single candle.

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Butter(cream) 'Em Up

Ashlee Marie used lavender buttercream icing and a shell piping tip to create this elegant ruffled cake.

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Block Party

This fun building block cake from Me and My Insanity features a surprise rainbow layer cake on the inside and smooth fondant icing on the outside.

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Monster Mash

To make this monster-themed creation showcased on Rachel, Domesticated, pipe blue frosting using an open or closed star tip to make "fur," and use white and dark blue icing to create the mouth and teeth. Three fondant-covered cake pops serve as the eyes, while a cupcake makes a perfect smash cake.

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Cupcake Cutie

Can't decide between cupcakes or cake? How about a giant cupcake cake? Whispered Inspirations created this organic jumbo treat made with bananas and swirled with pink organic frosting. The blue number one cake topper was formed of fondant.

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