Memorable Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of year for Baby's first Christmas, and you'll want to capture the moment the most memorable way you can with these five easy tips.

Memorable Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Christmas Melpomene/Shutterstock

A lot has changed this year for you and your hubby. You went from Netflix and wine on the couch to baby bottles, severe lack of sleep and so much love you can both hardly remember what your life was like before Baby arrived. It's a special time of year, and likely one that you'll always think fondly of when you look back decades down the road. Baby's first holiday deserves a celebration, and what better way to pay tribute to the cutest elf you've ever seen than with these sweet ideas?

Start a photo tradition

As much as you think your Baby grew over the past year or months, he's just getting started. A sweet way to track just how much he'll change over the years is to take an annual photo each and every Christmas. Maybe it's in front of the Christmas tree or on your front porch all lit in lights. Maybe it's on the stairwell that's hung with stockings or playing in the snow. Wherever it is, sneak a sweet shot of baby this year and continue the tradition over the years. When he graduates from high school, he'll see 18 years' worth of images! (And you can cry your eyes out, Mama, it's okay.)

Purchase a personalized ornament

Baby's first Christmas deserves an ornament, right? If you and hubs can't agree on which one is better (though we know yours already wins), the good news is there are dozens of options to choose from on Etsy. From baby footprints to festive, sparkly balls that capture baby's sweet name, you can't really go wrong. Make sure it's packed up safely after the holidays are open, it's the ornament you're going to look forward to hanging each and every year—and with every child.

Write a letter to your baby

Baby might not be old enough to write a letter to Santa, so instead pen a few lines that she can read when she's older and give it a holiday theme. Share your favorite memory from the holiday season or something special about her at this time (Is she crawling? Growing hair? Just said 'Mama' for the first time?). Keep all the letters in the same notebook and give it to her for Christmas when she's older or when she has her own babe.

Preserve baby's hand prints and footprints

As baby gets older, you might enjoy doing crafts with him, but if you want to start now, try making a holiday card out of his footprints or hand prints. You can make copies and send to relatives as a fun twist on the photo card that most send out. It's the first time he's technically signing the card, if only with his (sweet, adorable, amazing) feet!

DIY baby stocking—out of socks!

What's cuter than a super-tiny, soft baby sock? Nothing. It won't really fit anything, but each year, make your child's stocking out of their own sock. You'll watch it grow and as they get older, they can help you decorate it to hang on the mantle.