This Video of a Baby Laughing Like an Evil Genius Will Make Your Day

We didn't expect that laugh to come out of such of a sweet little face!

Think back to your favorite cartoon: Chances are, you can clearly recall the sound the show's villain made while laughing. Now imagine that sound coming out of a beautiful little baby.

Or better yet, just watch this video.

A parent shot a montage of this sweet little baby laughing—and let's just say we never expected to hear that villainous laugh come out of any baby, let alone one as sweet and smiley as this little girl. The video is titled, "I'm raising my girl to be an evil genius" and has been widely viewed thanks to a Reddit post.

Commenters can't get enough of the video, which shows the baby eating, bathing and playing—all while laughing maniacally. "I'm pregnant with a girl and I feel like I was just watching my own child from the future," one commenter posted. Another Reddit user weighed in with a suggestion: "Open 4 tabs of this video at once. It sounds like a demonic army is surrounding you."

What do you think: Evil genius in the making....or sweet, happy baby with a truly distinctive laugh?