The Ultimate Holiday Gift List

Whether you're shopping for new moms or new additions, these gifts have you covered.

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Everyone loves receiving the perfect gift from someone special—this is especially true if you're a pregnant woman or new mom—when, suddenly, your shopping list is longer than the line at the airport on Christmas Eve. We can help.

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Handprint Tower

Mom's new favorite memento: This kit has five tin molds to capture baby's handprints every year. Insert awww here.

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Nighttime Essentials

Shopping for a soon-to-be mom? Sleep (or lack thereof) is probably on her mind. This Apple Crumble Robe and Birthing Wrap is made of exceptionally soft (and stretchable) modal fabric, so she sleeps comfortably the whole 9 months.

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Roll-On Essential Oils

It's the pick-me-up that fits in her purse: the blend of organic lavender, vanilla, and chamomile reduces stress in the most hectic of situations. In fact, you may want to sneak a few sniffs yourself as you finish your holiday shopping.

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Baby's First Sweater

Even the fussiest 6-month-old will look Harvard-ready in this 100% cotton striped cardigan.

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Winter Hat

The Under Armour Coffee Run Beanie has two layers of knit fabric to keep new and soon-to-be mamas warmer than a baby in a basinet.

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Body Lotion for Mama

For the prenatal, recovering caffeine addict: Barista Bath and Body's Latte Indulgence set includes an exfoliating sugar scrub, moisturizing bath bar, and coffee-rich body lotion.

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Maternity leave has a lot of perks: bonding with your newborn, nesting, and the ability to wear slippers all day long. The lightweight Ciccia Bella Kwilts will keep feet cozy through the winter—without making feet feel sweaty.

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Body Lotion for Baby

Shea Terra Organics' African Flower Power Calming Baby lotion is the ultimate natural soothing lotion: lavender eases the mind, while aloe vera calms skin. Warning: Mom will love the scent so much, she'll want to use it on herself—and she should: it keeps skin supple all day.

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Pom Pom Hat

Make baby's first cashmere this handmade, organic pom pom beanie from Kindred Clothing. It's not just unnecessary luxury: the fabric is exceptionally warm for its light weight.

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Rocking Cradle

The So-Ro rocker settles crying babies by mimicking the movements they used to make in the womb. Bonus: The modern, delicate design makes it a tasteful addition to any room.

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Natural Fragrance

There are a lot of tough lifestyle changes pregnant women need to make—sacrificing unnatural fragrance is one of them (phthalates—chemicals found in many perfumes may cause premature delivery). This Tocca Perfume Set has three scents: one fresh, one floral, and one sensual, all equally good for mom and baby.

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Stylish Stroller

Budding artist in the family? This stroller from Bugaboo's Andy Warhol collection, inspired by Warhol's "So Many Stars" illustration, will bring cheer to both mom and baby all year round.

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The Essentials

This kit has everything a new mom needs: a blanket, burp pad, bibs, mitts, and wash cloths. The only thing missing is a nanny.

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Baby's first steps mean baby's first slips, trips, and falls, especially in the winter. The Pediped Grip n Go Gina booties are designed to help: a rounded rubber sole keeps the girl on-the-go grounded.

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The Gift of Slumber

It's the gift that keeps on giving: The "Sleep Sheep" from Cloud B responds to baby's mid-night cries with peaceful sounds, so mom doesn't need to.

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Skin Serum

The new mom in your life is radiating happiness (even through the fatigue). Let her complexion do the same with one (or more) of Seventh Generation's skin-boosting serums—six plant-based formulas use natural oils to tackle dry skin, breakouts, and fine lines, naturally. For more skin care tips during pregnancy, check out these 7 Beauty Products for Pregnant Women.
($14.99 each,

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