Bugaboo Bikini Body Causes a Stroller Stir

A new Facebook post from stroller company Bugaboo, featuring a bikini-clad model, has many moms raising an eyebrow. But do they have a good reason to judge?

Bugaboo Bikini Body Causes a Stroller Stir bugaboohq/Instagram

Bugaboo strollers are already coveted by moms the world over, and now, apparently, by supermodel moms, too. Or at least, that's what their new Facebook post, which has many mamas raising an eyebrow, seems to say. In an image posted to the company's feed yesterday, supermodel Ymre Stiekema is shown running while pushing her 2-year-old daughter in Bugaboo's new Runner jogger stroller ...

... in a bikini.

Moms were quick to respond with some snarky—and funny—comments under the image, which was also published on Bugaboo's Instagram. Some of the top comments read:

"I'm not gonna cus [sic] her out for what she's wearing but I have 2 children and if was running in this on the school run it would be because I'd forgotten to put my clothes on because we're late for school, my 5 year old had fallen off his scooter, my 2 year old refuses to put his shoes on and there's a good chance I haven't had the time to do my bikini line. There's an image to leave you with."

"I often go running with a full face of make up on, a bikini and no socks ... if you're that serious a runner then you could afford childcare to go running by yourself."

While other moms were supportive of all kinds of mom bods and came to the defense of Stiekema and Bugaboo:

"Really ladies? Are you that judgmental or jealous that you have to question what she is running in? Women should support each other not tear each other down because you feel inadequate. I would never get away with wearing that while I run, but great for her!"

In a statement released to Today.com early today, Bugaboo said: "We designed our Bugaboo Runner jogging extension with active parents in mind. We want to inspire moms and dads everywhere to explore the world with their families, while keeping up with an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition to Ymre Stiekema—a mom who enjoys running and happens to be a model—our marketing initiatives feature parents who love running, including our own staff at Bugaboo, providing their experiences with their children and the Bugaboo Runner. We believe that all parents should run free no matter where they are on their fitness journeys and what they choose to wear on their runs."

We have to say, while we might not look like a supermodel when we're exercising with our babe, there's nothing for us to comment on her bod. All moms have different bodies, but they're all beautiful.