8 Mom-Friendly Workout Vines You'll Love

Too busy to workout? Moms (and moms-to-be): You only need a few seconds to get in shape with a good Vine or two. Break a speedy sweat with these short videos.

8 Mom-Friendly Workout Vines You'll Love alexajeanfitness/Instagram

If there's one thing that makes a workout appealing to pregnant women and new moms alike, it's efficiency. So the idea of sourcing exercise routines on apps like Vine, with its six-second video rule, definitely appeals.

One mom-of-two from Ontario, Canada, spotted a trend and created OneSet, a Vine-like app for fitness enthusiasts that lets users submit short workout videos that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home with little to no equipment. The app has lots to offer pregnant women and new moms, as many of its users are expecting themselves or have little ones running around them as they navigate new parenthood and working out.

Feeling inspired, we've gathered 8 of our favorite mom-friendly break-a-sweat "Vines" (OK, they're technically Instagram videos, but you get the idea), many from the OneSet app, which you can download in the Google Play store (coming soon to the App store). These seconds-long videos are as quick as it gets.

All You Need is a Chair

Mom Alexa Jean Brown, 24, makes child's play of chair exercises. Follow her lead and you'll get your legs and butt burning as your tot watches in wonder. (via @alexajeanfitness)

Playground as a Gym

A stay-at-home mom with major motivation, Ronda Race makes the most of time at the playground with her daughter by using the swings to work her abs, butt, and legs. (via @race4fitness)

Tone for a Better Birth

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33 weeks #twinpregnancy There are many versions of side planks that you can do both pre and post pregnancy. This is one of my multi functional side plank variations that I like to do during late pregnancy to help strengthen both the core and glutes. ● You can finish each set with a side stretch similar to what Rachel does in the video. ●Exercise Info: Perfect form and technique is crucial to ensure you are working the correct muscles groups. ●Try to take the leg a little further back ●Keep your foot relaxed ●Lift your rib cage up ●Maintain Neutral spine ●Exhale throughout lift contracting TA and PFM ★For a full program with safe and effective exercises to follow during your pregnancy check out our fit2birthmum program. http://www.pregnancyexercise.co.nz/products/fit2birthmum/ #fitandpregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyexercise #fitmums #fitpregnancy #prenatalfitness #pregexvideos

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A multifunctional side plank is great in late pregnancy to prep the core and glues for birth. Just remember to breathe! (via @pregnancyexercise)

An Every-Trimester Move

Squat rotations are easy and stable movements to do with a bulging baby bump. Use hand weights to make it a little more challenging. (via @knockedupfitness)

Sweat With a Friend

Grab a friend and a willing baby for some squat rotations, sit-up and squats and plank high-fives like this Los Angeles mom of one and her powerhouse pal. (via @ourfitfamilylife)

Keep it Simple

The next time you're at the park with your clan, take a time out to do a few V-sit, stand and jump moves for a good core workout. (via @shauna_harrison)

Workout While You Wait

A wall is all you really need to do bridge walk-ups, decline kickbacks, superman, and decline climbers like this Australian mum. Do it while waiting for your kids to get out of school, and try to ignore those funny looks! (via @achieving_balance)

Finding Balance

Maintaining good balance is especially important when your center of gravity is shifting during pregnancy. These easy candlestick dips will also give your obliques some attention. (via @simplefabfitness)