Mom Rocks Hip Hop Class at 27 Weeks Pregnant

This pregnant California mom's YouTube dance workout is one of the best (and healthiest) things she can do for her baby, but the haters are gonna hate.

Mom Rocks Hip Hop Class at 27 Weeks Pregnant Christina Litle/YouTube

Mom-to-be Christina Litle has been a dancer and choreographer for most of her 28 years, including while pregnant with her first two children. She's even kept up teaching her heart-pumping dance hip hop classes throughout her third pregnancy, now into the third trimester.

And boy, does she teach!

In October, the pregnant California woman uploaded a video of her leading the class to YouTube, complete with plenty of booty-popping and tightly-choreographed moves. Litle looked absolutely flawless and in shape, but several people commented worrying about the health of the baby.

"She's going to detach her placenta from the umbilical cord, she needs to calm down," one person wrote. Another likened the quick movements to "shaken baby syndrome."

"That's so absurd," she told Inside Edition. "People automatically think of the baby banging against a cement wall."

In reality, staying active throughout pregnancy is one of the best things you can do to have a healthy pregnancy and, in turn, a healthy baby. Of course, you should always keep your doctor in the loop about your plans—and don't, say, suddenly start a rigorous routine like, um, teaching a hip-hop dancing class if you've never done it before (duh, on so many levels). But, if you're already working out before your pregnancy, it's generally fine to continue to do so with gusto.

In fact, Litle's doctor hasn't said anything about it and she's had two near-perfect pregnancies that produced healthy kids. "My pregnancies have always been top notch...I'm textbook all the time," she told Inside Edition.

"There are ways to be careful," she added. "But if you have the energy, you use it... The dancing kept my body strong."