The 10 Minute Quickie

Think you don't have time to work out with a new baby in the house? Not so. Here are four routines you can complete in minutes--with your baby!


Being a new mom means you're busy from morning till night, but that doesn't preclude you from wanting to get your pre-baby body back. If a thorough head-to-toe workout isn't how you want to spend your precious time each day, that's fine. We've put together some quick but effective workouts just for you. These simple moves work your whole body yet don't require hours of effort each day. You can do the "quickie" routines separately or together every other day. With your doctor's approval, it's fine to start doing these exercises as early as six weeks after you've given birth. (If you had a Cesarean section, you may need to wait until you are completely healed.)

Mom & Baby Safety Tips - When performing exercises in which your baby must hold his head up on his own, be sure he is able to do so without discomfort (usually starting at about age 6 weeks). -Inhale through your nose and expand your ribs. Exhale through your mouth, drawing your abdominal muscles in. - Before performing any exercise, roll your shoulders back and down and draw your navel toward your spine to protect your back.