6 Ways to Burn Calories with Baby

Finding time to get to the gym with a little one at home might be difficult, but don't worry, we found a few great ways to work out WITH your baby!

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Dance with Your Baby

As a new mom, the last thing on your mind might be dancing the night away, let alone finding the time to fit in a workout between diaper changes. Why not make dancing an activity that you and your new baby can do together?

Shimmy and shake your way back into pre-baby shape with these easy dance moves!

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Yoga Buddies

Practicing yoga with your little one isn't just an adorable good time—as the two of you bond, you're toning your entire body and baby is developing motor skills.

While you challenge your core, thighs, arms and shoulders during this gentle yoga practice, your baby will benefit, too!

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Baby Boot Camp

This boot camp workout is designed to help women lose their pregnancy weight, tone their muscles, connect with other women and, most importantly, feel better about themselves.

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Make It Quick

As a new mom, you're busy morning till night, but that doesn't mean you can't squeeze in an effective workout! These simple moves work your whole body yet don't require hours of effort—plus, your baby will be front and center during these moves, so the two of you can bond while you're working out.

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Grab the Stroller

Fitting in fitness with a newborn doesn't have to be Mission Impossible. While getting to the gym or yoga studio is more of a challenge, there are plenty of ways you can tone up simply by heading outside—and you can even bring your little one along for the ride.

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Hiking with Baby

Hiking is a great way for new moms to get exercise. Not only does it help build strength, but it's a wonderful way to spend time with friends and other new moms.

You can carry your baby in a front carrier or an all-terrain stroller on tougher trails.

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