Brazilian Dance Workout

This fun, sexy Brazilian dance workout e boa pra caramba! Translation: It's amazing!


Exercise is probably the last thing on your sleep-deprived mind when you’re caring for a new baby. But squeezing “me time” into your day is crucial, and this Latin American-music-inspired workout’s booty shakes and energetic arm swings will tone you from head to toe (as well as put you on the path back into your skinny jeans). “It’s important for a new mother to take care of herself so she feels strong and sexy, and this includes daily exercise,” says Leandro Carvalho, Miami-based personal trainer and creator of the Brazil Butt Lift DVD series, a booty-focused workout that incorporates the Brazilian martial art capoeira and Latin American dance moves.

Carvalho is famous for sculpting what he calls the “bum-bums” (pronounced “boom-booms”) of Victoria’s Secret models. Thanks to his signature moves, some of these ladies were back on the runway six months after giving birth. Carvalho created this program for women who want to sculpt sexy buns, thighs and hips, but it provides crucial benefits to new moms, too: You’ll improve your balance, posture and core strength, which helps prevent back and neck pain as you carry your baby and all her gear throughout the day.

Bring sexy back (maybe even better than before!) with this fun workout designed exclusively for Fit Pregnancy and appropriate for women of all fitness levels. Wait six weeks after your baby arrives before beginning (longer if you had a Cesarean section), and make sure to check with your doctor before you begin this or any workout program.

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Shimmy mix

“Latin American music is intoxicating!” says personal trainer Leandro Carvalho. “Working out to the sizzling rhythms of my Brazilian homeland, you can’t help but feel sexy while you get back into shape.” These body-grooving tunes (find them at will help you let go and have fun:

Get ready

Perform this workout every other day. Warm up by dancing around the room and doing shoulder rolls, hip circles and toe taps for 5 to 10 minutes before performing these moves.