Dance with Your Baby

Burn calories and get in shape while you and your new baby have fun together.

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As a new mom, the last thing on your mind may be dancing the night away, let alone finding the time to fit in a workout between diaper changes. Why not make dancing an activity you and your new baby can do together?

Shimmy and shake your way back into pre-baby shape with the following moves, designed exclusively for Fit Pregnancy for you and your new favorite dance partner—your baby. While these moves are gentle enough to do every day, wait until 4 weeks or so after delivery before starting. And check with your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.

Safety Tips for Your Workout:

*Keep your knees slightly bent, abs drawn in, neck relaxed

*Avoid quick or jerky movements

*Support a newborn's head, neck and spine

*Hold older babies with good neck control securely on your hip

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Cross-Over Tap Side

Hold your baby and stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart.

[A] Cross your right foot over your left foot.

[B] Tap your left foot out to the side. Repeat, starting with your left foot. You can also tap your foot forward, back- ward or at a diagonal.

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Baby Cha-Chas

[A] Step forward with your right foot and sway your hips to the right. Step back with your left foot and do three cha-cha-cha steps.

[B] Shift your weight to the back foot— right, left, right. Step back with your left, swaying your hips to the left. Step forward with your right foot and repeat.

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Mama Hip Sways

[A] With your right foot, step to the side as you sway your hips to the right. Bending your knees, dip down.

[B] Step to the side with your left foot as you sway your hips to the left.

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3 More Ways to Work Out with Your Baby

1. Make exercise play by doing kiss-the-baby push-ups and crunches.
15 minutes = 75 calories burned

2. Take a hike with the baby in a front carrier or backpack.
30 minutes = 120 calories burned

3. Walk/run with the baby in a jogging stroller.
30 minutes = 180 calories burned

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