The Follow-Along Barre Workout for New Moms

See results fast with this exclusive at-home workout from Barre3 that's safe to do every day—and only takes 10 minutes!

Barre Postnatal Workout Courtesy of

Ready to start exercising again, but aren't sure where to start? Barre-inspired workouts could be just what you're looking for—they're low-impact, efficient (read: they don't take forever!) and focused on increasing strength and balance in your core. That not only helps you rebuild your pre-baby bod, but can also provide a good foundation for pain-free movement, even with your new sack of love constantly in tow. That's why Fit Pregnancy teamed up with barre3, a Portland-based national chain of fitness studios that combine ballet barre with yoga and Pilates, to bring you this exclusive 10-minute video that's safe to do every day once you've been cleared for exercise. All you'll need is a yoga mat, a light set of weights (or filled water bottles) and a playground ball (or small pillow). "We focus on the entire torso, not just the abs, when working on the core," says Lisa Schale-Drake, the Director of Training at barre3. "And we work the back body to balance our natural tendency toward hunching over, especially for new moms who are constantly leaning over the baby."

In this video, you'll spend some time doing breath work, which may not feel intense, but don't worry: You're working it. "Breath equals core! When you use your breath, you recruit the deepest layer of your abdominals, which have to contract to push the air out—strengthening these muscles is the foundation of your recovery," Schale-Drake says. When you're ready to up the challenge level, check out barre3's online workouts. Use the promo code B3FITPREG for a free 15-day trial, redeemable anytime before May 31, 2015.