Get in Shape with Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers might just be considered the perfect postnatal workout. Once you get your doc's OK, incorporate these into your exercise routine.

Master the Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers might not look like much but they pack a serious punch. They don't just activate the muscles needed to sustain a plank, they also incorporate heart-healthy cardiovascular bursts to really get your body working.

Fitness expert and mother-of-three Ashley Horner counts mountain climbers among her favorite postnatal exercises.

According to Horner, they work every single part of your body, as several different muscles are engaged in order to complete a single mountain climber. 

"No equipment is needed so these can be done anywhere—in a park, at the gym or even at home. They benefit muscular and cardiovascular systems increasing strength, flexibility and more," Horner says of why she loves mountain climbers.

mountain climbers exercise Summersky/Shutterstock

Form is key when it comes to mountain climbers so if you're going to try these at home (and you should!) make sure you pay attention to your core. Horner breaks down the move below:

  • Start in a push-up position, shifting most of your weight forward on your upper body.
  •  Keeping your hands on the ground, bring one foot in between your hands, and knee towards your chest and back to your starting position.
  • Continue to alternate left and right foot until number of reps are completed.