How to Do a Burpee

This exercise engages your core and boosts your metabolism. Here's how to do it.


Hi I'm Sarah somebody here for this pregnancy. And I'm here to show you my new mom wait lots. Next up birdies or jump back barbed Murphy we're gonna start and a playing position. Going to jump at the same time and spring up this guy. Jump back into your. And jump full and straight up the sky remember and I plank we wanna keep the shoulder over there. That belly nice and tight for modification. You can perform I'd jump back. They're going John fat into that same kind of things and core I think I. So over the net and then posting the same time job well. And jump back plank to keep it on the night and jumping well. We're just eliminate that hot in between that and that's our job back. Does it fit pregnancy dot com and our new mom waved off work out.

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