Shanola Hampton Got Fit After Baby Without a Trainer And You Can Too

New moms will love her totally realistic approach to postnatal fitness.

There's no doubt about it: Celebrities are at a distinct advantage when it comes to getting in shape after baby. After all, they have access to nutrition experts and top-notch personal trainers—and the ridiculously intense scrutiny placed on their changing bodies has to serve as motivation. But once in a while, we hear about a star who has a much more realistic strategy for getting back in shape after delivering.

Shanola Hampton, who stars on Shameless, gave birth to her son, Darren "Doc" O.C, three months ago and already looks incredible (those abs, though)! The best part? She got her post-baby body the same healthy (and affordable!) way that the rest of us do: on her own.

For starters, the star told PEOPLE that her success started with her prenatal fitness plan—she worked out "until the day [she] gave birth," which made getting back to the gym after baby much, much easier. And speaking of the gym, you might think someone like Shanola would schedule daily sessions with a pricey personal trainer, but the truth is, she only made one personal training appointment. 

Shanola met with Torri Shack, who showed her a few workout moves she could do with her son. Taking time away from a new baby can be so, so hard for new moms, but it's also really important that they take care of themselves. It's so refreshing to know that there's a way you can look after your own health while still logging some time with your little one.

We love this idea: Obviously, personal training can be super-expensive, but splurging on one session could be an amazing way for new moms to ensure they're using proper form and building safe, healthy prenatal fitness plans. 

Want to work out like Shanola? This video from Parents is a perfect example of a quick, at-home core workout mamas can complete with their little ones, no personal trainer needed. Give it  a try!

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