Baby-Wearing Spinning Classes Are All the Rage and We Want In

A viral video highlights spin classes that let moms come work out with their babies in tow!

For as much talk as you constantly hear about post-baby body goals, every mom knows that it can be tough to even get to the gym to fit in a workout. One of the toughest challenges to overcome is, of course, securing child care for your little one. That's why exercise you can do with your baby is ideal. And it looks like now, moms can take spin classes that make that easier than ever.

A super-cute, viral video on Facebook shows a cycling class in Budapest filled with mamas pedaling away while they wear their babies on their backs. The initiative is called "Bike with Baby." The site for the gym that offers the class notes, "The fundamental aim of the class is for the mother and the baby to relax TOGETHER, to not have to be without one another while the mother meets other people, moves, listens to music and takes care of her body a little." Sweet!

Talk about multitasking. The mommy 'n' me workout, which has also popped up on YouTube, seems like the perfect solution for new moms who might struggle to find a sitter but want to sneak in some quick cardio. Also, how much do you love that the kiddos seem so chilled out by the class, perhaps going so far as to treat it like naptime?

An opportunity to work out and spend time with their baby isn't anything short of exciting for many moms, so cheers to the gyms and spin studios embracing this sweet trend!