Yoga Mama Goes Viral with Post-Birth Baby Routine

New mama Kelly Green proves you can master yoga and motherhood at the same time in this viral video, where she busts out some yoga moves beside her brand new baby.

Kelly Green Yoga KellyGreenYoga/Instagram

If you think exercise is a daunting task after giving birth, it could simply be a matter of swapping your mentality for something better. Of course you don't want to spend time away from your baby, especially if it entails expending even more energy from your limited supply. That's why postnatal yoga is a great choice—and if you do it right, you can do it right alongside your little sunshine.

Take a cue from Kelly Green, co-owner at The Yoga Joint. In her latest (must-watch) video, she shares a precious at-home yoga session as she glides through a sequence of moves with her little cub right by her side. The video totally mesmerized us, so we decided to get inside of her brain so we can totally pretend to be her—err, learn some new post-baby fitness tips.

Fit Pregnancy: How soon after having a baby were you able to jump back into a yoga routine?

Kelly Green: I had a natural birth and I was back on the mat in 12 days.

FP: Why do you think it's important for moms to give yoga a try?

KG: New moms should do it for the stress release if for nothing else! Yoga is also a great way for new moms to lose the extra baby weight, gain strength (you'll need it for lifting Baby!), and improve range of motion and flexibility.

FP: Can you talk more about how yoga can affect a new mom's mood?

KG: Aside from the zen-effect, yoga also balances out hormones. It helps lower that nasty stress hormone called cortisol and it raises our happy hormone, serotonin. When we feel better—we do better. Yoga is both mental work and an emotional release.

FP: What's your go-to yoga move?

KG: I love handstands. At one time I thought I would never be able to do a handstand. Believe it or not, when I started yoga, I was an over-weight size 16 recovering from a knee surgery. There's just something that happens when you do something you once considered impossible. It opens up the doors to infinite possibilities—the first day I did a handstand changed my life.

FP: What is your overall postnatal yoga style?

KG: I practice Hot Fusion Flow in my yoga studio. I created this style of yoga with my business partner, Paige Held. The body moves in intervals through heart-pumping vinyasa flows and then back down with yin poses that spike the heart rate. By holding yoga poses and moving slowly to and from them works reverse resistance—which allows our muscles to strengthen.

FP: Aside from hitting the mat, what did getting your pre-baby body back look like for you?

KG: My goal was to stay healthy and fit before and during my pregnancy—that way getting back into shape was less daunting. I taught a yoga class, then I took a yoga class and I went into labor that same night! I would always move my body on or off the mat during pregnancy—even if that meant going for a light 20-minute walk.

FP: What about your diet during pregnancy?

KG: I ate the same way I did pre-pregnancy, just a little bit more with the occasional splurges. I generally eat four lean protein meals, one fruit snack and an almond milk latte every day. I also let myself indulge in some dark chocolate, pizza and frozen yogurt when I was in the mood.