You Won't Believe This Fit Mom's Postpartum Workouts

Emily Breeze Ross wasted no time getting back into it.

Emily Breeze With Baby Instagram

Emily Breeze Ross Watson just gave birth on May 16—but naturally, the fit mama is already back at her workouts in full force. We'd expect nothing less from the woman who completed this insane fitness feat while 34 weeks pregnant!

The new mom was braving a squat-and-lunge-heavy workout just two weeks after baby. As if that weren't enough, she headed to her local CrossFit gym right after. Two weeks ago, she posted the following caption alongside a video of herself working out: "Bootcamp tonight!!! 6:30 pm at @staxcharlotte !! Let's get after it!! I'm so excited to be back!"

Emily hasn't slowed down since—she's been posting a steady stream of workout clips on her Instagram page. Most recently, she posted a shot of a quote, saying, "I work out because I love my body, not because I hate it." 

The fitness enthusiast has also been forthcoming about changes to her physique. In a recent Instagram post, she juxtaposed three photos: her pre-pregnancy, late-pregnancy and post-pregnancy bodies. 

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Happy Saturday guys! I have some exciting news and a great deal for you!!! The picture on the left was 11 months ago (pre-pregnancy) at the @crossfitgames -- I partnered with @rpstrength to dial in my nutrition! The results are obvious --not only physically but in my performance as well! ( hello, gains 😜) The middle picture was 8+ months pregnant, and the last picture on the right is TODAY (one month postpartum). • They released new templates that are ON SALE until tomorrow night, if purchased you receive a FREE cookbook! Anyone want to join me and tune up their nutrition??? I'm starting tomorrow!!! Let's do this!! Link for purchase ➡️

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At one month after delivery, she's lifting weights, working her core and getting her heart rate up with jumping moves—but not all of her followers support her ambitious fitness regimen. Some are concerned that she may be compromising her pelvic floor by jumping back (literally) into her workouts so quickly. We say, as long as her doctor gave her the green light and she's listening to her body, she's probably making the right choice for her lifestyle. 

We admire this super-strong mama for her commitment to her healthy lifestyle—if only we could all muster up the energy to hit the gym so consistently after having our babies!