14 Pregnancy-Approved Fitness Gadgets


As that beautiful belly grows, it's harder to muster up the motivation to do your pregnancy exercises. That's why we sussed out 14 gadgets, apps and more that optimize every sweat sesh. Bonus: Most of these products can help you get fit after baby too!

Relieve Muscle Soreness

SKLZ AccuRoller

To stave off stiff, sore muscles post-workout, massage the areas you just worked the hardest with a SKLZ AccuRoller. You can also use it to ease backaches: Simply hold the handles and lean against a wall, then slowly move around for ahh-mazing relief.

($40, amazon.com)

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Sportline HydraCoachIntelligent Water Bottle

You've gotta stay hydrated, and Sportline HydraCoachIntelligent Water Bottle is at your service. It tracks your fluid consumption and paces you to ensure you'll meet your H2O goal without end-of-day guzzling. How refreshing!

($25, amazon.com)

Stash Your Phone

Bust Cubby

Silly name, super-useful concept: The Bust Cubby is a moisture-wicking wallet for your phone (plus cards and keys) that clips onto your sports-bra strap, against your skin. For an extra $3, you'll receive a 100-percent-copper radio-frequency shield that slips inside the wallet to protect you from radiation.

($25, bustcubby.com)

Support Muscles and Joints

Strength Tape

Body tape isn't just for marathoners—put StrengthTape on your lower back before your workout (just follow the package instructions) to give muscles and joints extra support while still getting a full range of motion.

($16, amazon.com)

Stay Toxin-Free

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats are printed with eco-friendly, UV-cured inks, so they're safe for you and Baby (though we don't rec 'em for hot yoga, since the non-toxic PVC material may be slightly more slick than more rubbery mats, especially before you've used your mat a few times to break it in).

($89, magiccarpetym.com)

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Say Om, Away from Home

Beautiful Belly Prenatal Yoga app

On the road a lot? You'll appreciate the flexibility (ahem) that the Beautiful Belly Prenatal Yoga app provides. Los Angeles yoga guru Briohny Smyth leads you through three workouts for each trimester, designed to keep you fit while prepping your body for the big day. View them on your iPhone, iPad, TV or computer.

($7, dailyburn.com)

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Make Yoga Poses Preggo-Friendly

Yoga Jellies

Use these small, squishy YogaJellies under your knees for Cat/Cow or place your hands on them to support your wrists during Down Dog.

($65, amazon.com)

Track Your Distance

Iriveron Headset

Record your heart rate, speed, calories burned, distance and oxygen usage while you listen to tunes with the Iriveron Headset. Pregnancy plus: A voice reads out deets so you never have to look at a distracting screen and can keep eyes on the course ahead. No tripping!

($200, amazon.com)

Record Your Heart Rate

Mio Alpha watch

The Mio Alpha watch monitors heart rate sans clumsy chest strap and syncs to your phone. Tip: Set a target heart-rate zone (perfect for mamas on doctor's orders to take it easy)—a beep will alert you when you veer outside it.

($200, amazon.com)

Count Your Steps

Soleus Tempo Watch

The Soleus Tempo watch has a built-in accelerometer that monitors your movement and stores your steps, calories and distance for up to 12 weeks—good for day-to-day comparisons. Plus, the stopwatch function can time contractions!

($49, amazon.com)

Log Sleep

Polar Loop bracelet

The Polar Loop bracelet logs sleep and activity— you can even wear it in the pool. Pair it with a Polar heart rate sensor to watch your workout intensity, and set daily calorie-burn goals and track progress to lose the weight once Baby's here.

($110, amazon.com)

Jog at Home

NordicTrack 2950 treadmill

Tired of shelling out for your gym's monthly membership fee while rarely getting there? Put your dues toward a home workout machine instead, like the NordicTrack 2950 treadmill. Thanks to the console's HDTV, you can watch a movie or catch up on Homeland while you exercise. The treadmill also has Wi-Fi and a function that lets you walk or run through thousands of locations worldwide using images from Google maps.

($2,200, nordictrack.com)

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Never Get Bored

Gaiam TV

Subscribe to Gaiam TV and score 24/7 access to a library of top workout videos (with 25 pregnancy-specific titles) on your computer, tablet or TV.

($10 per month, gaiamtv.com)

Blast Calories

Expecting More DVD set

The Expecting More DVD set gives you intense routines to blast calories and sculpt sexy muscle— safely. Be happily reminded that you are still a fitness rock star.

($40 for the two-DVD set, amazon.com)