Aaptiv Teams up With FitBump to Launch Maternal Workout Series

Looking for the perfect pre- or postnatal workout on demand? There's an app for that! Aaptiv and FitBump have launched a series of maternity workouts.

Aaptiv's team understands that gym memberships, personal trainers and boutique fitness classes aren't always accessible. That's why they founded the fitness-focused app, which allows users to channel the energy of their favorite workout classes and the motivational nature of personal training in the privacy of their own homes. But after filling that void, the team realized there was another hole in the marketplace: Pregnant women lacked a range of challenging, safe workout plans they could do anywhere.

"We interact a lot with our community on social media and other places, and people just didn't feel like there [were] a lot of workout options for pregnant women," Weesie Vieira, a spokeswoman for Aaptiv, told Fit Pregnancy. "Aaptiv's team joined forces with FitBump, a fitness destination for pregnant women, to launch an entire series of workouts that are safe and effective for expectant and new mamas—there are week-by-week fitness plans approved for each trimester of pregnancy, as well as an on-demand stroller workout for brand new mothers. All appear in Aaptiv's app under the "maternity" category.

"When I started [FitBump], I saw that there was this new generation of moms who had maybe played sports in high school or college and they're still really active. They're running marathons, they're doing CrossFit competitions and they're really fit. It's a different generation of women who are saying...'why can't I work out until the day I deliver?'" FitBump founder Kira Kohrherr told Fit Pregnancy. "The mentality seemed to shift."

Aaptiv's maternity workout series includes both cardio and strength training options, and they're perfect for on-the-go moms. For example, Kohrherr pointed out that while stroller workouts are easy to find on Pinterest, many of them require moms to hold on to the instructions while pushing their children and trying to execute the moves—by contrast, Aaptiv allows users to simply plug in some headphones and get full instructions by ear. 

While offering up different plans for each trimester of pregnancy is common, these workouts took it a step further by coordinating each workout to a specific week of pregnancy. "There's very different things [to keep in mind] at different points in the pregnancy journey," Kohrherr said. "In the first trimester you can still do certain core exercises and certain exercises that are not limited by a changing body. As you get into second trimester and definitely into third, certain exercises need to be not only heavily modified, but then there's also exercises that maybe you weren't doing before...you need to do things like strengthening your lower back...as ligaments change, as hips turn out, as things become tighter. We're really identifying a lot of these changes in a week-by-week context."

The maternity workouts are available on Aaptiv's platform now—you can sign up right here!