Casey Wilson, Yoga Mama


When Wilson isn't pregnant, hot power yoga at Modo Yoga LA keeps her going—so when her doctors recommended she turn down the heat, Wilson asked Modo director Joe Komar for some at-home sessions. Here are his fave moves.

Bird dog

Bird dog yoga pose

Strengthens core, improves balance

Begin on all fours, engage your core, and extend opposite arm and leg in line with your torso. Hold for five to eight breaths, then lower. Repeat with other leg. Perform 10 reps on each side.


Malasana yoga pose

Stretches hips, lower back and ankles

Stand with feet wider than hips, toes turned out. Squat until butt is a few inches off floor (if your heels can't touch the floor, widen stance or place a folded blanket under heels). Bring palms together at heart and rest elbows inside knees, pressing gently out. Hold for 30 seconds.

Wide-legged child's pose

Wide-legged child's pose

Stretches hip flexors and groin muscles

Kneel with feet together and knees wide, then lower hips onto feet and torso onto legs. Bring forehead to floor arms to mat in front of you. Breathe deeply for as long as you like.