Check Out This Fierce Preggo's Six-Pack!

She's 38 weeks pregnant, she has a six-pack and she doesn't want to hear hateful comments about it. Any questions?

Oxana Rumyantseva is a personal trainer and former fitness competitor, so it stands to reason that she's stayed in ridiculously good shape throughout her pregnancy. Now 38 weeks and expecting her fourth daughter, Rumyantseva's the latest in a long string of fit moms who are being shamed for appearing too fit while pregnant. 

Rumyantseva is no stranger to body scrutiny thanks to her history as a fitness competitor and solid social media following—but that doesn't mean recent comments about her baby bump haven't gotten under her skin. 

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"There are so many haters who don't understand fitness during pregnancy and call my pregnant abs ugly or think I'm too skinny," Rumyantseva said, according to Redbook. Followers have even accused her of being "selfish" and "starving the baby," which is just plain ignorant—healthy baby bumps, like healthy bodies, come in all shapes and sizes

Rumyantseva has also been shamed for working out while pregnant. "A lot of people think that pregnancy is like a disease and think you should spend it lying in bed, but that's not healthy," she said. Staying active throughout her pregnancies is what works best for this mom. She tried easing up on her workouts during her first pregnancy and found it was just not for her. "I ended up with serious back problems, making it difficult to walk and even lift my child after she was born," she said. "It was awful, and the doctors couldn't help me." 

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Few words about #shoulders . After my regular #workout I hit it by #dumbbells . Also great for #shoulder rehab. And this #exercise strengthens the #muscles that stabilize your shoulder blade . Hold a light weight and do it slowly . You can do it until #arms parallel to the ground but I like full amplitude . Try it 👍🏻 cool for shoulders and #traps ! Спрашивали про #плечи. Я показывала уже несколько моих любимых упражнений и суперсетов ранее. 👇🏻 После своих обычных упражнений я часто добиваю свои плечи легкими гантельками. Это #упражнение хорошо для реабилитации после травм плеча 👍🏻 в нем отлично прорабатываются ещё и мышцы стабилизирующие лопатку. Берите легкий вес и делайте медленно. Можете поднимать руки до параллели с полом, но я предпочитаю полную амплитуду. Отлично и для плеч и для трапеции. 👍🏻 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #gymfreak #gymrat #fitmom #fitchick #fitnessgoals #fitpregnancy #pregnantworkout #training #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #тренировка #9months #35weeks #беременяшка #oxanarumyantseva #oxanarumyantseva_pregnancy #oxanarumyantseva_advice

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Sticking to a regular workout schedule makes all the difference in how Rumyantseva feels during pregnancy. She worked out four times a day in her first two trimesters, splitting her workouts between cardio and strength training. Now that her due date is right around the corner, she's taking it down a few notches and only completing low-impact workouts like walking a few times a week. This is actually right in line with what's recommended for pregnant women—the benefits of exerising while expecting are well-documented and healthy women without major risk factors are encouraged to keep up with regular low-impact sessions. (Just make sure to check with your doctor before starting a new fitness regimen.) 

 "I'm feeling really good; I sleep well, have lots of energy, and have no pain," Rumyantseva said. "No one has to worry. My doctor says my baby is a normal weight and doing great."

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