Essential Yoga Stretches for Your Third Trimester

Your due date is approaching and stretching it out is one of the best things you can do for your body. Here's how—and why—you should do it.

4 Yoga Moves to Do in Your Third Trimester

Stretching is so much more than just a thing you do at the end of a tough workout—and it's especially important for you to keep stretching it out during your pregnancy. 

Yoga stretches that are designed for prenatal practitioners offer up benefits that'll take you through delivery and beyond: They'll strengthen your body in a way you can continue to enjoy after you become a mama, and they may even help ease those pregnancy aches and pains while you're still carrying.

Joselynne Boschen, the fitness and lifestyle expert at health-centric app Lifesum, is on hand to demonstrate some of her favorite stretches for pregnant ladies. Watch her routine, which incorporates yoga staples for a relaxing yet challenging flow tailor-made for the pregnant body.

"During your pregnancy you might not always feel 100 percent," Boschen told Fit Pregnancy. "The best thing you can do is listen to your body. Stretching and brisk walks are a great way to get the blood flowing without overdoing it. Take this time to tap into yourself. Work with your breath and allow everything else to fall away."