The Feel-Great Workout

Three simple routines to help you get going in the morning, stay stress-free during the day and relax at night in every trimester.


It's one of life's ironies: Getting off the couch for a little exercise can actually make you feel more relaxed. Plus, exercise can help reverse the sag in your energy level that can happen during pregnancy, and research shows that moderate exercise throughout those nine months can help you avoid excessive weight gain, lessen your risk for pregnancy complications and may even help you have an easier delivery.

This program includes de-stressing and pain-relieving exercises you can do during the day (even at work!) with your doctor's OK. Our walking plan can be squeezed in at lunchtime or before or after work. Then unwind at the end of the day with gentle yoga postures that will help you relax before trying to sleep.

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Get Up and Walk To increase your energy and circulation, try to walk every day, weather permitting. Aim for 20 to 45 minutes; if that's not possible, go for however long you can muster. Begin at a comfortable pace for five minutes, focusing on your posture and alignment. Cool down by slowing your pace for the last five minutes. Then stretch your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and lower back, holding each for 20 seconds.