Full-Body Fitness: Master the Thruster

This move engages your muscles from head to toe. Here's how to do it.


Hi I'm Erica back here for at pregnancy. Next up and I knew mom late last series. Drastic. Fourth Oscars we're going to come shine a deep squat. Within Fulmer had arms wrapped. It's just sitting back into our deep squat keep the gluten being back trying to keep it sad that up right as possible. Pressing into the heels as you rise up. Another variation of this you can take us you know squat so take the legs out nice to Wyatt. Toast point out of 45 degree angle. And keeping he's moving over at its host we wanna keep him playing in the same direction as we squat all the way down. And coming back up. This is going to target the inner eyes. You can off so. Take it pitch Intel variation turning the toe is in keeping me for it poignant all at. And then got hat and sit back bring those back. Writing back up. This is gonna target those outer skies. These are the masters. Visit fit pregnancy dot com from our new mom weight loss workouts.

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