Get Strong for Baby: The Essential Arm Workout for Your Third Trimester

Give those arms a great workout to get them strong and sculpted before your baby arrives!

4 Arm Moves to Do in Your Third Trimester

As far as we're concerned, the best prenatal workouts are the ones that don't just offer up health benefits to sustain you throughout your pregnancy, but also make your body function better after you've welcomed your baby. Consider arm workouts the gift that keeps on giving: They don't just get you strong and sturdy ahead of your due date, they also help you complete the day-to-day responsibilities of motherhood (like carrying your baby, lugging your diaper bag and transporting baby gear) that much easier.

Joselynne Boschen, Fitness and Lifestyle Expert at health app Lifesum, shared one of her go-to arm workouts with us...and now we're sharing it with you: This is ideal for your third trimester and will help you get strong and toned. Her verdict? Preggos shouldn't be skipping those essential upper body workouts.

"Exercises training your arms will not only maintain your strength from before you got pregnant but help you with the things being asked of you after you give birth," she told Fit Pregnancy. "That baby isn't going to hold itself!"

For Boschen, short, targeted workouts like the one in this video are ideal. "The workouts you choose to do during all three trimesters of your pregnancy will burn double the calories but are doubly tasking your body," she said. "Remember you are building a human in there and your body needs to have the energy and strength to do so. Anywhere from 15 to 30 minute workouts are the best choice during these nine months. Picking workouts that are body part specific, will help you plan out your pregnancy workout regime."