Goddess Pose: The Perfect Prenatal Move

This squatting yoga pose is just right for pregnant women, since it works the pelvic floor and helps open the hips for child birth. Plus it's easy to do. Bonus!

Prenatal Yoga Goddess Pose

The name might conjure images of a Victoria's Secret model posing for a photo—but goddess pose is a fantastic yoga staple you should be doing even on the days you feel like anything but a goddess.

The benefits of this pose apply to all—but it's an especially great move for pregnant women.

"It's effective because it opens the hips and strengthens the inner and outer legs. It also helps with stability as a woman's sense of 'center' changes when she grows further into her pregnancy," yoga expert Nicole Sciatica says.

The pose engages several different muscle groups. "It works the quadriceps, inner thighs, calves as well as your core," Sciatica says.

Goddess pose has some benefits that sound a bit strange but are incredibly important for pregnant women. "It not only creates strength and builds heat but draws on the engagement of your pelvic floor," Sciatica says. "Strengthening the pelvic floor is important so that the muscles at the bottom of your bladder can engage to keep urine from leaking when you cough or sneeze. A strong pelvic floor will keep the vaginal wall in good shape, which helps postpartum and as our hormones shift as we move toward menopause."

goddess pose yoga fizkes/Shutterstock

Sciatica provides step-by-step instructions for pregnant ladies who would like to try this one at home:

  • Stand on your mat so that both feet are on the sticky surface about three feet apart.
  • Turn out the feet making sure the knees are in line over the ankles.
  • Slowly bend the knees making sure they stay directly over the ankle bones.
  • Hold and breathe or take slow controlled pulses for more intensity.