How to Tone Your Lower Body Like a Boss Throughout Your Whole Pregnancy

One word: Deadlifts.

Pregnancy Workout: Stiff-Leg Dead Lift

When it comes to working out during your pregnancy, there's a fine line. On the one hand, it's so important to stay active even when you have a bump that grows by the day. On the other, it's even more important that you listen to your body and avoid anything that feels too strenuous

One solution we love? Sticking to low-impact moves that will strengthen your muscles and increase your heart rate. Deadlifts are great because they're so customizable—you can do them sans equipment for a quick rush of blood to those thighs and glutes...or you can up the intensity by adding weights. Either way, deadlifts will give you that nicely toned lower body that won't just streamline your whole look, it'll also give you a strong foundation throughout your pregnancy. 

Check out this video, which breaks down the perfect stiff-leg deadlift for pregnant women, step by step. Incorporate a few sets of these into your next circuit training session for your best lower half ever.