Journey to Motherhood

Prenatal yoga and positive affirmations help create a focused mind, strong yet flexible body, and deep connection with your baby.


Every breath you take is a path to a happier, healthier and more profound experience of pregnancy and childbirth. That's the message Los Angeles' celebrated certified Kundalini yoga teacher, Anna Getty, imparts in her new prenatal DVD series, Divine Mother ( "Kundalini yoga is very dynamic; it's about using movements and the breath to wake up the energy inside you," explains the former actress, who found her calling to teach yoga several years ago after taking classes with yogini-to-the-stars Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.Combining the two elements helps you feel more connected to both your body and your baby.

Like other forms of yoga, Kundalini is about poses and stretching, Getty says, but it utilizes breathing exercises and meditation in very distinct ways. "It's more about connecting to an inner strength and moving forward from that place to face the challenges of giving birth and motherhood," says Getty, who practiced this form of yoga extensively during her own pregnancy with daughter India, now almost 2.

Thousands of moms-to-be are embracing what Getty has to say, including Guess? model Josie Maran, who took prenatal yoga classes with Getty and demonstrates the poses here (she gave birth to her daughter, Rumi Joon Alborzi, on June 20 in Los Angeles). Maran came to class hoping for some gentle exercise but took away much more. "Anna taught me to tune into my baby through my breath," she says.

Getty's program shown here includes poses, breathing cues, and affirmations to repeat while doing the moves. You can safely follow it every day if you like; do the poses in the order shown, gradually adding one posture at a time until you feel comfortable completing the entire set. The tools for breathing and focus gained through this practice will aid you physically and mentally during labor and delivery.