Keep Your Pregnant Frame in Shape With Weighted Side Bends

Works those sides throughout your pregnancy with this simple move.

Pregnancy Workout: Standing Dumbbell Side Bend

Often when we think about working out specific body parts, we tend to focus on the front or the back—the abs, the get the picture. But when certain parts of your frame are a little harder to target during pregnancy (we're looking at you, tummy muscles), it becomes so important to think of working out in a way that is well-rounded to be sure we're hitting everything that we can. That's why we love this little move—it beautifully hits those muscles we tend to neglect.

The standing dumbbell side bend has some fabulous aesthetic payoff (it can keep your middle in check, define your back, and eliminate pesky love handles, for starters) as well as benefits that aren't skin deep. The move will strengthen up your core, back, arms and shoulders, giving you some healthy muscle mass and the ability to carry your baby with ease. We also love its posture-perfecting effect—this is just what you need to counteract the strain you'll have balancing a baby on your hip.

All in all, this is an amazing move for pregnant women to incorporate. Secure permission from your doctor, grab some light weights, watch this video as a guide and give it a go!