Lateral Lunges: The Lower Body Workout Your Pregnant Body Needs

Lunge to the left, lunge to the right.

Pregnancy Workout: Lateral Lunge

Taking care of your body during pregnancy is so important—and when we say "taking care of your body," we don't just mean getting plenty of rest, seeing your doctor regularly and taking in enough nutrients. We also mean getting those workouts in as regularly as possible.

Now, no one ever said working out during pregnancy was easy. With your increased body weight, unfamiliar body distribution, compromised balance, reduced energy levels and raging hormones, you'll likely find that your time at the gym is much tougher than it normally is. There's also the fact that pregnancy is not a good time to push your body or try completely new workout plans.

Our solution? Try a few low-impact strength training moves. We love the old-school classics: squats, lunges, get the picture.

We especially love these lateral lunges, which hit those lower body muscles that often go unworked. Check out this video for a step-by-step breakdown of the move.