Plank Your Way Through Pregnancy

Why you need to be doing this essential core-workout move throughout your pregnancy—and how you can do it safely.

Pregnancy Workout: Plank

Planks are among the moves that fitness enthusiasts absolutely love...and for good reason. The move is a true powerhouse—it works your core like no other and engages your entire body.

Now, we know what you're thinking: Who wants to do ab work during pregnancy? After all, whatever definition you manage to sculpt will likely just disapear underneath a growing baby bump, right? Well, we hate to break it to ya: You can't just quit on your core during pregnancy, especially not if you want your body to function as efficiently as possible. A strong core will keep your entire foundation strong, fix your posture and improve your balance (which tends to get thrown off a bit, thanks to pregnancy).

The bottom line? You should be planking your way through pregnancy. There is a caveat, though: It's always important to be careful when working out while pregnant and that especially holds true when your working the part of your body that houses your baby. Speak with your doctor, consider working with a prenatal fitness expert and always, always listen closely to how you feel. Give this plank workout a go once you've done all those things.