The Pregnancy-Adapted Treadmill Workout

Running while pregnant is safe! Get our easy-to-follow interval session.

Pregnant woman on treadmill

Running while pregnant can be a safe option if you know the best guidelines for prenatal treadmill workouts. We talked to Samantha Barrionuevo, a personal trainer at Miami Total Fitness, to get the treadmill lowdown so that you can have a safe workout session for you and your baby.

Running and walking is going to be individual for every woman, so it's best to listen to your own body when trying a new workout. Always consult your doctor before starting any type of exercise regimen—including trekking on the treadmill. Remember to pay attention to basic safety guidelines. If you are feeling dizzy, out of breath, faint, or are having trouble making conversation, stop and rest.

Barrionuevo says that the focus of this workout is on overall health, not pushing yourself to lose weight or train for an athletic competition. The key is to start slow and avoid injury--in order to keep yourself fit throughout pregnancy.

Interval Treadmill Workout

Warm up Minutes 0 to 5: Set the pace at 2.5-3 mph and a 0 - 3% incline, depending on fitness level

First half of workout (changes speed of workout while keeping the incline fairly consistent)

Minutes 5 to 8: Increase speed by 1 mph, increase incline by 2 - 3%

Minutes 8 to 10: Decrease speed by 1 mph,

Minutes 10 to 13: Increase speed by 1.5 mph

Minutes 13 to 15: Decrease speed by 1 mph

Second half of the workout (changes the incline and keeps the speed fairly consistent)

Minutes 15 to 18: Decrease speed to starting mph, increase incline by 2%

Minutes 18 to 20: Decrease incline by 2%

Minutes 20 to 23: Increase incline by 3%

Minutes 23 to 25: Decrease incline by 2%

Cool down Minutes 25 to 30: Decrease incline to starting %