Prenatal Exercise DVD

Work out in front of your TV with our favorite prenatal and postpartum exercise DVDs.



1. COOL, CALM AND COLLECTED Prenatal Yoga With Desi Bartlett | Fitness Level: * Why we love it: Pregnant fitness expert Desi Bartlett’s calm presence and soft voice encourage you to do what feels most comfortable during this gentle yoga routine. Modifications that pop up in the corner of the screen allow you to work out safely and effectively in each trimester. Plus, Bartlett’s joy surrounding her own pregnancy sets a positive tone for moms-to-be. > >$15 2. GO WITH THE FLOW Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Short Forms | Fitness Level: ** Why we love it: Yoga instructor and doula Jennifer Wolfe wants you to use yoga as a tool during labor. Three distinct yoga routines focus on those poses that will help you when in labor, and Wolfe explains the benefits of each during the workout. The end result? You’ll feel relaxed—and prepared for childbirth. >$15 3. OM AT HOME Eva Barash Living Room Yoga Prenatal Workout | Fitness Level: ** Why we love it: Watching yoga instructor Eva Barash is like having your own personal trainer—she speaks directly to you while guiding an expectant mom on-screen through the same moves. The workout requires minimal equipment and, for those new to yoga, Barash’s direct but gentle guidance makes it easy to follow. > >$14 4. CONNECT WITH YOUR INNER GODDESS Beachbody Yoga Booty Ballet: Baby on the Way | Fitness Level: ** Why we love it: Modern and energetic, this fun workout incorporates funky dance steps, hand weights and yoga. Pregnant yogini Teigh McDonough guides moms-to-be through the mix of cardio, weight training and endurance moves. More importantly, she encourages you to love every curve of your pregnant body. >$20 5. BEAUTIFUL BELLY Amira’s Belly Dance & Yoga for Pregnancy | Fitness Level: ** Why we love it: This DVD introduces expectant moms to the art of belly dancing and explains how this ancient practice has been used to ease labor for centuries. Filmed during her own pregnancy, professional belly dancer Amira mixes yoga and modern fitness philosophies with traditional belly dance. Plus, the authentic Middle Eastern soundtrack makes it easy and fun to move your hips. > >$25 6. SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THING Let’s Dance Together: Prenatal Dance Fitness | Fitness Level: ** Why we love it: This free-form approach to prenatal fitness is perfect for expectant moms who don’t like to follow a set routine. While watching the on-screen circle of pregnant women doing yoga and dance-inspired moves, you are encouraged to move your body to the New Age music in any way you wish. Plus, a bonus couples section allows your partner to participate in the fun.> >$20 7. STRONG, STRETCHED AND CENTERED Suzanne Bowen’s Long & Lean Prenatal Workout | Fitness Level: *** Why we love it: This sweat-inducing workout is designed for moms-to-be who want to stay in tip-top shape during pregnancy. The cleverly designed Pilates routine features nonimpact, standing moves that lead directly to challenging floor work. A bonus postnatal Pilates mat workout focuses on strengthening and toning your abs after baby.> >$20 8. MAMA’S GOT MUSCLE Hot Mamas Exercise Prenatal Conditioning | Fitness Level: *** Why we love it: Master trainer Teddi Bryant believes you shouldn’t be afraid to break a sweat while expecting. To wit, this circuit-style workout features squats, push-ups, lunges and core conditioning. But, don’t worry about exercising too hard: A thorough tutorial on proper form, as well as modifications, means each move is safe during pregnancy.> >$20


9. MOMMY AND ME Yoga With Your Baby | Fitness Level: * Why we love it: This family-friendly yoga DVD is an easy workout for you—and your partner! Featuring a group of moms, dads, babies and toddlers, the DVD leads you through traditional yoga poses designed to help you bond with your baby. Plus, playful aspects, such as singing, keep your little one entertained.> >$20 10. GROOVY LADIES Chicks-n-Chickens Lullaby Exercises | Fitness Level: ** Why we love it: Your baby is safely snuggled against you in a carrier during this mommy-and-me program that guides new moms through a gentle cardio workout, including dance and strength moves. The mellow background music lends a laid-back vibe to the workout and provides a soothing soundtrack for your baby. (A CD of lullabies is also included.) > >$30 11. FLAT AND FABULOUS Superfit Mama: Lose the Belly Flab | Fitness Level: ** Why we love it: Want your abs back? Miss your tight pre-baby butt? This is the DVD for you.Perfect for busy new moms, this series of 10-minute workouts focuses exclusively on toning your abs, hips and buttocks. As the mother of two, fitness expert Tracey Mallett speaks from experience.> >$15 12. FEMME FATALE Hot Mamas Exercise Postnatal Conditioning | Fitness Level: *** Why we love it: Teddi Bryant leads two circuit-style workouts that mix cardio and traditional strength training exercises, such as jumping jacks, squat thrusts and push-ups. The best part? This DVD is all about you: Bryant encourages you to work hard, push past your preconceived fitness limits and embrace the process of reconditioning your post-baby body.> >$20