Prenatal Partner Yoga: For You and Your Relationship

Yoga is great for strengthening and toning, but it's also an exercise of the mind. Reaffirm your bond with your partner through these simple moves.

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When you're pregnant, and certainly when you're postpartum, it can feel like your life is the world's most difficult juggling act. You're often faced with choices—and one of those choices will likely involve a decision to prioritize your own health or the health of your relationship. But what if we told you could do both at the same time?

Partner yoga is the perfect workout for new parents. It's not just a way for you to work on your own body and health—it's also about fine-tuning your connection with your partner. 

"When a couple has made the decision to take partner yoga, that's the first step in coming closer together as a unit," Pamela Stokes Eggleston, the CEO of Yoga2Sleep, told Fit Pregnancy. "When you have to work together toward a common goal—preparing for birth, supporting each other, moving/working out with each other—collectively using yoga in a partner format, and by the way yoga means 'to unite', it brings each participant closer in touch with themselves and therefore even more so with each other."

Yoga is known for its ability to not only tone and strengthen one's body, but to also sharpen the spirits and minds of its participants. According to Eggleston, this is for good reason. 

"Yoga is a mind, body, spirit practice and as much should be used as a tool to create deeper meaning and connection," she said. "One part of yoga is meditation, and when couples meditate together it can bring them closer to each other on a spiritual and emotional level. Breathing together in tandem also does this. Other benefits include heightened self awareness, deeper connection to partner, building stronger communication and intimacy, creates emotional support, cultivates moments that are shared and remembered."

Eggleston also believes partner yoga is an ideal choice for pregnant women. "Prenatal partner yoga enables the partner to be supportive and receptive in an intimate way," she said.

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If you're interested in trying partner yoga yourself, Eggleston suggests these moves:

  • Partner cat/cow: Facing each other in table/all fours, use your partner as a mirror to synchronize the breath and movements.
  • Partner supported balancing cat: In table facing each other, take your right leg behind you pressing out through the heels and take your left arm/hand and place it on your partner's right shoulder. Breathe, and do the other side.
  • Partner wide-legged seated forward bend: This is an intense stretch—bottoms of the feet are together and hands are clasped as you guide each other into the fold.
  • Standing goddess squats: face each other with legs spread apart about half of a leg length, clasp your partner's forearms, inhale press up down through the feel and up through the crown, exhale squat down, etc.