Prenatal Sumo Squats to Tighten Those Inner Thighs

There's more than one way to squat, you know—even when you're pregnant and battling a belly.

Pregnancy Workout: Sumo Squat

By now you know the importance of squats—after all, experts have said that if you only do one workout move, it should be the squat, as the powerhouse staple works more muscles in your body than just about any other. 

Here's the other thing we love about squats: They're not only effective, they're also versatile. Sure, you can do that classic forward-facing, knee-in-line-with-toes number we've all grown familiar with by now...or you could throw your lower body for a loop and add some variations to the mix.

We love to mix it up with sumo squats, which hit different parts of the lower body (those stubborn inner thighs in particular) and confuse your muscles just enough to be extra effective. Sumo squats will also improve your core strength and balance—and if you add light weights, they'll tone up those shoulders too.

We love this video, which breaks the sumo squat down in the simplest way possible.