Quick Cardio Moves For Every Stage of Your Pregnancy

Because you can get your cardio in and still have fun—even when you're expecting.

1 Move, 3 Trimesters: Cardio Quick Steps

You don't have to log miles on a treadmill to keep your heart healthy...especially while you're pregnant. There are plenty of ways to get your cardio in without stepping foot in a gym and fitness guru Jennifer Forrester is here to show you a few of her favorite ways to do just that.

Forrester, who is something of an expert on working out while pregnant, believes that modifying popular workouts to suit pregnant women is key. That concept is nothing new but Forrester takes it a step further: She thinks workouts should be modified based on pregnancy phase—so if you're in the first trimester, your workouts should look different than the ones you perform when you're a month away from your due date.

So how does an ideal prenatal workout look according to Forrester? Watch the video above for a look at the moves that work best for all stages of your pregnancy. You can also check out her fitness app, which contains a well thought out prenatal workout plan

Forrester has also shared a step-by-step guide to a perfect cardio move for first trimester women. See below for tips on how to execute high knees. 

  1. Stand straight with feet hip width apart.
  2. Alternate jumping from one foot to the other while lifting your knees up to hip height.
  3. Arms should be following a running motion. Be sure you are striking the ground with the balls of your feet and not your heels. 

Second trimester women can try this variation:

  1. Imagine there is a line in front of your toes.
  2. Step forward over the line for two quick steps. 
  3. Quickly step behind the line for two quick steps and continue to switch for 30 seconds.

In your third trimester? Give this move a go:

  1. Get in a push-up position with your feet together on the floor and hands placed shoulder-width apart on a bench or chair. 
  2. Draw-in your navel and extend your head into a neutral position.
  3. Alternate bringing your knees up toward the elbow on the same side for 30 seconds.