Safe Core Exercises During Pregnancy

Think you can't work your core during pregnancy? Think again. It's all about doing it safely—and this workout will teach you to do just that.

There's one universal truth that applies to pretty much all pregnant ladies: A strong core is essential. It has nothing to do with how those abs look, it's all about how they function, and strengthening those muscles will pay off in a big way.

Of course, core-specific moves may be more challenging—and dangerous—to do while you're pregnant. It's natural to be nervous when you're exercising the part of your body that literally houses your baby—that's why we'd suggest incorporating expert-approved moves into your regimen.

Safely Strengthen Your Core While Pregnant

Andrea Speir, the founder of Speir Pilates, has years of fitness expertise under her belt, and she's designed a seven-move routine that will help expectant moms safely gain strength throughout the core. It's a plan that won't just make your core stronger, it may also help you relieve those pesky aches and pains that tend to creep up during pregnancy, The moves can help loosen up tight muscles—and the benefits last far beyond pregnancy.

According to Speir, doing a workout like this one doesn't just help you stay strong through pregnancy—it can also make delivery easier and put you in a great place for your body to bounce back after baby. We'd say those are some pretty great reasons to give it a try, wouldn't you?